Route runs off the map when animating

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Route runs off the map when animating

Post  Dinky on Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:40 am

I the animaps I have seen sofar, the route neatly fits in the window the map is displayed in. What I want to do is zoom in to a level that the route runs off the window. You can in Animap by just shifting the map while completing the route. All fine so far. The problem is though, the map will not move when the route is played back and it runs off the map. What I would expect is, that the moves I made during map creation are also made during playback. So, if the route reaches the end of the window, the map should shift to show the rest of the route.

It looks as if it is only possible to animate a route on a static map showing the complete route. Is that true ? If it is, I would like to request a new feature that will move the map to follow the route if it runs off the window


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