Multi-colours & thickness for "Past" and "Future" Routes

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Multi-colours & thickness for "Past" and "Future" Routes

Post  stk on Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:44 am


Right now, one can only choose a single colour for "past route" (and/or "future route").

It would be beneficial to allow the past route colours to change, as one moves along the route.

Right now, I am modifying the marker to denote change, but it would be beneficial to also be able to change past route line thickness and colour.

I am using Animaps to track school buses & increase efficiency. We have 17 buses that leave from the same location, travel empty, begin picking up students, gradually filling & then dropping students off at schools. The map would be far more useful if I could lay down one route colour for "empty" and others for "partially filled" -> "full". Then one could see at a glance how far buses are traveling empty, where they are full & how to gain efficiencies.

Other uses would be for "heavy" -vs- "light" traffic areas; "uphill" -vs- "downhill" portions of routes.

I hope this helps!



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